Dina – Iran

My dad was a drug abuser and that’s why my my parents got divorced. My mom didn’t have a job so we moved into our grandparent house. My mom got married again but her new husband didn’t to take care of me and my sister. So my sister and I have been living with my grandparents for three years now. The house doesn’t have gas or electricity. My grandparents are old and sick and the only income me and my sister have is a limited income we get from a charity organization. I love to go school but if our financial situation continues I might need to leave school .

Facts about Dina

  • Profile number: 83646
  • Age: 12
  • Location: Kurdestan, Sanandaj Province
  • School Status: very good

Monthly gift required: 390 SEK

You can choose to pay the entire or part of the required monthly gift
(minimum 170 SEK).

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