Fereshteh – Iran

I live together with my two sisters and my parents. My dad suffers from epilepsy and gets attacks quite regular. He works on hourly-contracts in construction industry and no employer offers him a permanent contract due to his condition. ŔčThat’s why he’s mostly unemployed but he is also under medical care. My mom mostly takes care of my little sister who is two years old but whenever she gets a work offer to help out some families with home or children she takes it. My other sister goes to school on second grade. We live in a basic rented place and hardly can pay the monthly rent.

Facts about Fereshteh

  • Profile number: 82868
  • Age: 12
  • Location: Torbat Heydariye, Khorasan province.
  • School Status: very good

Monthly gift required: 55 SEK (She already has one sponsor)

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(minimum 170 SEK).

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