Hajera – Afghanistan

I have recently finished the 7th grade. I love to learn English language and I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I live with my mom, my three brothers, my grandparents and my uncle and his family. My father died 11 years ago due to some kidney disease. My mother works part time and has a minimum salary that is hardly enough for the food, transportation and clothing. My uncle pays for our living. He has one child himself but he loves us and he provides for all the family in the house. We are 15 people living in a house. My mom, my brothers and I share a room and use the shared kitchen and one bathroom with my grandparents and uncle family. We really wish to afford a place of our own so we don’t feel a like burden on my uncle’s family. My mom works hard to support us but we need your help to be able to be independent.

Facts about Hajera

  • Profile number: 93761
  • Age: 14
  • Location: Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province.
  • School Status: very good

Monthly gift required: 590 SEK

You can choose to pay the entire or part of the required monthly gift
(minimum 100 SEK).

If you become a sponsor: 

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Monthly sponsorship gift: 

Children have specific needs per month depending on their family situation.  Once you fill out the sponsorship form, we will contact you by email for further details. You can choose to pay the entire or part of the required monthly gift. Payments are monthly on the last banking day of each month. You may choose to stop sponsorship at any time with one month notice.

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