Narges – Afghanistan

I’m Narges and I love to go to the kindergarten but due to my family economical situation I can’t do that anymore. I usually have to take care of my little brother while my mom is gone and help with the household. When I get some time, I play with my doll. I love to go to a park with my mom but that doesn’t happen often.

My dad left us two years ago to move to the neighbour country Iran to work. Since then we haven’t heard back from him. We have contacted our contacts there but no one knows where he is. My mom works in other people’s home gardens or as a cleaner. Her income is very little and it’s only enough to get some flour, soft rice or sometimes potato occasionally. We love to taste beans or fruits. We don’t have refrigerator, cooler or even carpet or comfortable bed cloths to sleep on. We barely have food to eat and struggle daily with basic needs. I really hope you want to help us so I can go to school next year.


Facts about Narges

  • Profile number: 93652
  • Age: 6
  • Location: Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province.
  • School Status: very good

Monthly gift required: 660 SEK

You can choose to pay the entire or part of the required monthly gift
(minimum 300 SEK).

If you become a sponsor: 

A report is sent to your email every 6 months detailing the status of the child’s life as well as his/her performance at school. It sometimes contains a personal letter from the child. Do you want to get more involved? Child Foundation can arrange for phone talks between you and your sponsored child. Child Foundation can arrange for sending gifts as well as in-person meetings, if you wish to travel to the city where the child lives.

Monthly sponsorship gift: 

Children have specific needs per month depending on their family situation.  Once you fill out the sponsorship form, we will contact you by email for further details. You can choose to pay the entire or part of the required monthly gift. Payments are monthly on the last banking day of each month. You may choose to stop sponsorship at any time with one month notice.

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