Sponsor a child

Here you can see the children's waiting list. To preserve the privacy of the children, Child Foundation will only provide picture and details of each individual to their designated sponsor.

The monthly sponsorship gift is specific for each child and has been calculated based on family needs and income among others. Generally, children need between 100-300 SEK per month. You may of course choose to pay the entire or part of the monthly need.
Minimum payment is 100 SEK per month.

Recently Sponsored Children

Alireza – Iran

Madina – Afghanistan

Hamedah – Afghanistan

Fatemeh – Iran

Amir Ali – Iran

Fatemeh – Iran

Dina – Iran

Pooya – Iran

Alireza – Iran

Amir Mohammad – Iran

Zahra – Iran

Amir Husain – Afghanistan

Maryam – Iran

Mahnaz – Iran

Yasna – Iran

Nooshin – Iran

Reza – Iran

Ahmad – Iran

Yasra – Iran

Fereshte – Iran